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NBL 2011/12: Wollongong Hawks @ NZ Breakers

Last night we had the Breakers take on the Hawks at the NSEC. And I really have to say, it was the worst game of basketball I have seen. Not because it was a bad game as such, but because it was actually the worst officiating I have seen in the five seasons I’ve been supporting the Breakers.

And I’m not the only one who thought so:

Having said that, the Breakers didn’t deserve to win. The refs really started to decide the game in the final quarter – the Breakers shouldn’t have been so far behind. But I genuinely think the Breakers could have brought it back in the fourth if it wasn’t for the poor decisions by the officials. Unsportsmanlike fouls were completely ignored. Fouls were called on the Breakers for no apparent reason. I saw a number of occasions where there was not even a slight contact with the player but they were still called for it.

It was good to be back at the NSEC. I know it was the second game there this season, but I wasn’t able to make the first. So many memories of the championship win. And the crowd. It was probably about half of capacity, but they were still making one hell of a noise. That’s what I love about the NSEC. You don’t even need to half fill it to get some noise heard.

At the end of the day, the Breakers lost the game. However, they do stay equal top of the table, with the Townsville Crocs taking a W against the Melbourne Tigers in the second game of the night.

Must say it – full credit to the Hawks. Sure, the ref wasn’t great, but they did deserve to win.


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