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Increased ranking :D | The Melbourne Cup

Didn’t want to spam you with too many posts, so I thought I’d split this post into two topics. First, the monthly blog rankings and second, the Melbourne Cup.

October’s blog rankings are out. The House of Faz has increased by 7 places. Thanks to everyone who has had a quick look at what’s on here over the past month (and the past two years). Politicalisation had a drop of 14, but still ranking quite well.

Now, the Melbourne Cup. We’re half an hour out from definitely the biggest and best horse race in the world, but arguably the best race in the world. I’d agree with the second one, others I know don’t – hence I said arguably.

If you want a tip from me, I bet on Jukebox Jury. Though I wouldn’t trust that. Last year, my pick didn’t even get around the first corner. I have never won on a Melbourne Cup bet. So keep that in mind.

The Prime Minister has put a $10 bet on Drunken Sailor to come second after the election debate last night, where he said Leader of the Opposition, Phil Goff, intends on “spending like a drunken sailor” on at least three occasions.

If you have put a bet on the cup, good luck. Hopefully everyone wins. But not really. GO Jukebox Jury!


One comment on “Increased ranking :D | The Melbourne Cup

  1. Didn’t finish again… Typical.

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