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Wow, I didn’t even notice this happen, but on October 8th, it was my two year anniversary of using WordPress! So technically, The House of Faz is two years old.

I say technically, because while all my posts from the last two years are here, The House of Faz used to be Daniel-Farrell.com. But then I decided I didn’t want to pay for that any more (though technically I still am – long story) and I moved to WordPress.com and created The House of Faz.

So The House of Faz as a concept is only four and a half months old. But really, it was just a name and design change. Same person writing, old posts all there… I’ll give The House of Faz the two years.

So, yes. I did just do a post that was relatively pointless. But hey, two years on WordPress is a bit of a big deal. This is the longest running blog I’ve ever had. I used to have one on Blogger, but that only lasted about five months. So, The House of Faz, cheers to you. **lifts imaginary drink** And it really is an imaginary drink. I am avoiding alcohol during the exam period. On Friday though, it’s gonna be time to PARTAY!! And yes, that does require an A.


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