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Election Hashtag: You’re doing it wrong

So, it seems New Zealand has decided to go with #voteNZ for the election hashtag on Twitter. New Zealand, you’re doing it wrong. #voteNZ is a terrible eleciton hashtag.

Let’s look at two examples of election hashtags. When the UK had their General Election last year, they used the hashtag #ukvotes. When the US had their mid term election, they used #usvotes. Surely, it makes sense for New Zealand to use #nzvotes.

Not just that, #nzvotes is what’s happening. New Zealand is voting. That makes sense. #votenz is not what’s happening. That makes it sound like people are voting for New Zealand. No one is voting for New Zealand. Let’s be honest, we would have a no confidence option if we could vote for New Zealand, given how rubbish our politicians are.

A few of the tweets I’ve noticed using #voteNZ


So please, politicians, political enthusiasts and media alike, STOP USING #VOTENZ!! It makes no sense!


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