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Iris, why are you so amazing?

There’s a new Android application out. It’s called Iris, and it’s damned amazing.

You may have heard of Siri, the new built-in application with the iPhone 4S. It takes voice commands and does things. So, a bunch of Android developers have creased Iris (Siri backwards), and it is so much fun.

You can have a conversation with it, though it often really fails at giving a good answer. But that’s cool, because it’s really quite funny. You can also ask it questions. I asked, “What is a car?” – the response was “car (the mortorised, wheeled, passenger vehicle that is not a motor bike, bus or truck)”. It even understand stuff you really shouldn’t be asking your phone. If you ask “How do I have sex?” the response is “You don’t like me”.

The weird thing is it doesn’t know what it is. I asked “What is iris?”. The response was “Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome ( exuberant inflammatory response towards previously undiagnosed or incubating opportunistic pathogens)”.

The calling and messaging people function isn’t working too well yet, but I’m sure that will come along, as it’s only in alpha. And if you get angry with it when it doesn’t do what you wanted it to, and say “f*** you” (that’s how is writes it down. And it will say, “you asked eff-star-star-star you”), it says “Touche. Why did you answer no then?”.

While this app isn’t the best for functionality yet, it is definitely a lot of fun and definitely worth having a play with. You can download it from the Android Marketplace here.


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