PRESS RELEASE: Successful Candidates Good for the Waikato Students’ Union

PRESS RELEASE: Daniel Farrell
Thursday, 6 October 2011FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Successful Candidates Good for the Waikato Students’ Union

Daniel Farrell has said today that he has no qualms with the way he ran his campaign for WSU 2012 with the result coming out that he has been unsuccessful.

“Yes, I’m a bit disappointed I wasn’t successful, but I also think the WSU Board we have ended up with is a great one to take WSU into the future. I look forward to working with the Board in 2012 as part of the Independent Broadcasting Community’s committee and in any other way that becomes necessary.” he said.

“I ran a campaign. It was unsuccessful. However, I was only 79 votes off the pace. That’s not bad when there were almost 1200 votes cast, the average voter voting for 4 candidates.”

Mr. Farrell also made the comment that he is glad the President-elect has a large mandate. “Having the President-elect successful by a margin of 169 means that we are unlikely to have any problems, such as candidates requesting a recount. It also means the President-elect has a sizeable mandate for the work that needs to be done toward a successful WSU in a VSM environment.”

Mr. Farrell confirms that, at this point, he has every intention to run for the 2013 Board of Directors at the election next year.



2 comments on “PRESS RELEASE: Successful Candidates Good for the Waikato Students’ Union

  1. How come you are writing this in the 3rd person when you’re the one writing about yourself? I’m glad you didn’t get in, who knows how badly WSU would break down with your power hungry mind in it. I’m scared for 2013 now, hope 2012 armageddon is true so we won’t have to hear about you again.

    P.S. you spelt ‘have’ wrong. So unprofessional.


    • Thank you for your comment.

      This was written in the third person because that’s how press releases are written. It’s the way it always has been and the way it always will be. This was a press release, not a blog post. I was simply using my blog as a way to get the press release out there.

      Thank you for pointing out the misspelling. It has now been corrected.

      I assume the “ENDS” is a piss-take as well. Once again, that is how press releases end. Check out scoop.co.nz for some press releases so you can see the format they are almost always in.

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