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NBL 2011/12 – Here we go!

I’m not going to lie. I’m deliriously excited by this. The Breakers have a chance to make a back-to-back title.

I really don’t want to go into whether they can or will. I don’t really do basketball stats and things like that so I can’t analyse the stats and make a call. What I can say is I really do have a feeling that this team can do it. Sure, they aren’t quite the same calibre as last year’s team yet, but I think they can do it.

Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t quite make the championship this year but get through next year. It’s a good team, but the question is how quickly can they gel together. The Breakers have had a pretty average pre-season. It might just be because the games weren’t really worth anything of value and they come together much better during the ordinary season. It’s not like we didn’t see moments of brilliance, because we really did.

So, round one starts tomorrow night. For round one, we have:

  • FRIDAY: Sydney Kings @ Melbourne Tigers (LIVE Sky Sport 3, 9:30pm)
  • New Zealand Breakers @ Gold Coast Blaze
  • SATURDAY: Perth Wildcats @ Adelaide 36ers (LIVE Sky Sport 2, 10pm)
  • Townsville Crocodiles @ Cairns Taipans
  • SUNDAY: New Zealand Breakers @ Wollongong Hawks (LIVE Sky Sport 2, 9:30pm)
Unfortunately, TV audiences won’t be seeing the first Breakers game of the season tomorrow night. Kings @ Tigers is definitely a  game worth watching though. Neither team had the best season last year, but let’s be honest – last season was one that, other than the Breakers, was pretty equal. Some teams (like the Kings) just had really, really bad luck.
Oh, and a tip for any betting people out there – the TAB has the Breakers on $9 to win the season at the moment. Not as good as last year’s odds, but still very, very good odds. I’ve already taken a piece of that action. Maybe you should too?



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