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Thoughts about thinking

I’ve been thinking a bit today. And by today, I mean the day that technically ended just over an hour ago. This year is almost over, in terms of university at least. This means I’m going to overly philosophical as to what has happened this year. And here’s the start of that.

This year has been amazing. From having an amazing time in Dunedin (particularly seeing a good friend who I hadn’t seen in years) to joining the IBC Committee for Contact FM, everything has been pretty good. Yeah, sure, there’s stuff I could have (or really, should have) done better. I think the best way to explain my university work this year is inconsistent. I have definitely worked harder than last year, but I still am not at the point where I would like to be.

I am, obviously, worried a bit about exams. But that’s just how exams work. You are supposed to be worried about them. They haven’t done their job if they don’t make you a bit worried.

Of course, with this year being an election year, it has been interesting for me, as a person who is quite interested in politics. Though I do have to say, even I am starting to get sick of this election now. We’re just under two months out, but really, the result is a foregone conclusion. National will be governing at the close of this year’s election unless John Key declares a war in the next month or so. It gets a bit boring when you’re just waiting for the answer to be announced when you know it already. It’s like reading a book you know the ending of. Not the best experience.

Something I am very happy with is the fact I have managed to actually read books this year. I love reading books, I just never get the chance. But I have made sure I get a chance this year.

I highly doubt this will be the last post of this type, but for now, that’s it. I do think, if being on this earth is about the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I think I’m doing the right things.


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