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2degrees – it took them a while, but they sorted my problem out.

I am quite stoked right now. I’ve had a problem with my phone since the beginning of August. And now, they’ve finally decided to sort it out.

It started back in August. My phone stopped making or receiving calls. Well, it would make/receive them, but then drop out after a few seconds. I called 2degrees Customer Care, who told me it could be because of issues with the network in Hamilton since they moved from roaming on Vodafone to having their own network here. I was told to do a SIM swap and see if that works. If not, call back and they’ll log an issue with the network.¬†Before I went out and bought a new SIM card (yes, they expected me to buy one, which I wasn’t too stoked about), I did some playing with the phone. I put my Vodafone SIM in it and tried it out. Same problem. So it wasn’t the SIM card.

A week or so later, I decided to go to the store I got the phone from (2degrees in Te Rapa) and see if we can troubleshoot the phone. They confirmed the issue, gave me a form and told me to send it to the manufacturer’s repairer. I wasn’t able to arrange this for a couple weeks, and during that time, I had some concerns – particularly regarding the fact pushing me off to the manufacturer is a breach of the Consumer Guarantees Act. I called 2degrees Customer Care and asked them what should have happened. I was told I should have been given the option of the store sorting it out or going direct to the manufacturer.

About two weeks later (I was in Auckland, so I couldn’t do it before then) I went back to the store and told them I wasn’t happy with the solution they proposed. They took the phone off me and sent it to the repairer. About two weeks later, I got a call saying it had been fixed and was returned. I went and picked it up, got home, tried it and… Same problem. Took it back the next day. Two weeks later, they get it back with a note saying they couldn’t find the fault.

So, yesterday I went back. We tried it out and the fault was definitely still there. The manager there said he would contact Head Office and see what they can do for me. He said I would hear back by this morning. And yet, nothing at 2pm. So I called the store, who called Head Office, and now they’re replacing the phone. Awesome. Job done.


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