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Release: Waikato Students’ Union AGM 2011

Students do not deserve to have a realistic summary of 2012.

That is the message from the Waikato Students’ Union after today’s Annual General Meeting according to 2012 Director candidate Daniel Farrell. “The Annual Plan released at the AGM is supposed to tell students what the future of WSU is. By putting forward an Annual Plan that looks solely at a compulsory membership situation, we aren’t looking at what is likely to happen in 2012. It’s telling students that the WSU has the right to say one thing and do another.” he said.

He also pointed out that this means a new budget for VSM would not need to be approved by the student body. “The WSU Constitution is quite clear. If the Board wants to spend more than the approved budget, it needs to be approved by an SGM, but if they want to spend less, there’s nothing to say a new budget needs to go to an SGM. That’s not right.”

“If elected to the WSU Board, I will push for an SGM to be as close to the start of Semester A as practical if VSM does pass. A budget needs to be approved by the members. That is something I would definitely want to see.”


Daniel Farrell

For more information, visit facebook.com/DanielFarrellWSU11


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