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NBL 2011/12: NZ Breakers v Wollongong Hawks

The NZ Breakers have taken out the Wollongong Hawks in the first preseason game for 2011/12. I know this isn’t technically part of the iiNet NBL 2011/12 season, but I’m starting my series of posts for this season with this post.

It wasn’t all glory though. The first half was a terrible show from both teams. To be fair to the Breakers, certain players hadn’t been in the country for more than a week or so. That can’t help the team. But it really was like two low end High School teams. In fact, a comment about that was my 15,000th post on Twitter (yay, go me):

Both teams played much better in the third, with the Breakers really doing their thing in the final period.

But what really came out of this game was the fail that was Hamilton. The stadium was dead! Andrew (I think that’s his name… I’m always forgetting his name…) the Breakers MC really had to work hard to get anything out of the crowd. It was like the people who sit in the North Mezzanine at the North Shore Events Centre – any time anyone makes noise, they get looks from everyone.

There was another number of fails in terms of the stadium. I was speaking to a friend of mine after the game, who happens to be a staff member with the Breakers. She said that she was seated in Aisle six. The signs said Aisle 4, Aisle 5, Aisle 5, Aisle 7. Disappointing. Additionally, they clearly let more people into the building than actually had tickets. There was someone in my seat, who said there was someone in their seat. Apparently the chain of people was about ten long.

The Claudelands Arena is an awesome venue. The staffing isn’t great, but that’s not a surprise, given it’s run by the Hamilton City Council. I rang the HCC two months before the game. I asked if they need volunteers and explained that I have been volunteering with the Breakers for two seasons. They said they definitely would need help but won’t be able to arrange it until closer to the event. I asked how long it would be, as I wanted to make sure I got a ticket if I wasn’t volunteering. She said she didn’t know, but they’d get back to me as soon as possible. I gave up on that three weeks ago. And, now, after the event, I still haven’t heard from them.


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