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NZ Model Security Council: DAY 3

So, this is a couple days late, but on Tuesday we wrapped up NZMSC 2011. All-in-all, it was an amazing conference.

During the first two days, we had our committees where one person from each delegation was speaking in each committee. Then on day three, as is customary, we had the plenary where all four (though in most cases there was only three present, or in our case, two) delegates came together.

The topic, to be completely, honest, was pretty average – a hypothetical earthquake and tsunami in Japan. As Germany, we argued that this topic was not within the mandate of the Security Council, which it really isn’t. However, we continued debate on it, and managed to pass a resolution on the matter.

There was some controversy, such as when a “document” was “leaked” by “Wikileaks” that was by the CIA and said the earthquake was caused not by nature, but by China detonating a nuclear bomb underground. When it was realised how unrealistic this was, they decided it was actually released by Japan. I don’t know how it turned out like that, but it did.

After the closing ceremony, we had a (possibly more important) closing drinks. This was a lot of fun, just chatting with the people we’d just spent the last three days being with.

While there were some things that went wrong during the conference, I would really like to congratulate the organising committee on an amazing conference, particularly Sarah Paterson who was the coordinator. The fact you guys managed to get so many people who had never been to a Model UN event before to attend this is amazing. In fact, it is brilliant. As someone who really wants to see Model UN thrive, I thank you. You’ve done a brilliant thing for Model UN.


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