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NZ Model Security Council 2011: DAY 2

Yesterday wass been quite different to Day 1. Everything became much more serious it seemed. Not necessarily a bad thing, but just something that happened.

We started the day with a bit of an exercise where we made policy documents on United Nations Security Council reform. It seems that all of these seemed to focus around the veto. We were also told that these documents will ‘hopefully’ go further than the conference. Not too sure what that means, but that’s okay.

The ball was… ¬†Interesting… The food wasn’t too bad, but the thing that sort of killed the night was the fact that the sound system didn’t work properly. Only one channel was working, so the music playing was pretty random.

We did have what I guess you could call an afterparty though. That was fun. And it had a sound system that actually worked. Which was good.


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