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NZ Model Security Council 2011: DAY 1

Dunedin has been taken over by university students, wearing suits, debating issues so far from their lives that it’s almost beyond belief. As someone described it yesterday – “we’re basically pretending to be important”

Last night, we had the opening dinner at the Speight’s Ale House, connected to the Speight’s Brewery. I guess I’ve been watching a bit too much Masterchef recently, because I just started thinking in my own mind of all the negatives on the plate. All-in-all though, it wasn’t a bad meal.

This year, I’m representing Germany. After making a somewhat inappropriate opening statement regarding “0.3% of the German population” (Google it…) and proposing an amendment based on a Wikipedia page, I actually stated taking this relatively seriously. Right now we’re in Committee Stages – I’m in the Resource Conflict committee.

We also did a bit of a tour of the Otago Museum. It was a really interesting experience. Not particularly relevant to Resource Conflict, but that’s okay.

And tonight, it’s Committee Dinners. Looking forward to that! Sort of rushing this end because I need to get to the dinner!


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