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What are kids being taught these days………

On Monday, when it snowed in Auckland and Hamilton, which it never does, I happened to be on a bus about 3:30pm. Unfortunately, that meant the bus was full of school kids. But an interesting conversation was being had about the snow that I had to write about.

It started when one kid said that it was awesome how it snowed. Another kid said it wasn’t snow, it was hail. The response to that is what frightened me:

What do you mean? Hail is just another word for snow. It’s the same thing.

These kids would have been in third form if not older. That makes them about 14. How can you think that hail is the same as snow at 14? I remember a time when it hailed at some point near Christmas (might have even been Christmas morning) and my parents told me it was snow. I would have been two or three though. Not 14.

And people send their kids to New Zealand to get an education? Bad move…………


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