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PRESS RELEASE: Daniel Farrell for WSU 2012 – the start of a campaign

On this day, we see something that has not happened at the University of Waikato, as far as I can tell, for quite a while. On this day, we see the start of a proper political campaign for the election of a WSU Board Member.

Members of WSU, you deserve better than making a decision on who to vote for at these elections on who is able to write a few hundred words better. You deserve to know exactly what a person is going to try and do for you.

When the university returns, I will be starting my campaigning, first in Hamilton, then later traveling to Tauranga to speak with WSU members there. WSU members who are not from Hamilton also deserve to be informed before they tick a box.

The first thing to do is go to Facebook and like Daniel Farrell for WSU. That way you can be informed of everything that’s going on in the campaign. Also, watch the Daniel Farrell for WSU 2012 category on this blog. I will post everything I post here on Facebook though, so you’d be best off liking on Facebook 🙂

This is a changing day. Let it be a change for the better. Vote Daniel Farrell for WSU.



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