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Lots of games, name your price

Last night, I was told of a really awesome site. It’s called Humble Bundle. And you buy games off it.

But this is not just any old game purchase site. They have game bundles, which you can buy for whatever price you’re willing to pay. Then, you choose who gets the money. You can choose from the developers, the people who own Humble Bundle, or a series of charities.

The great thing is if you pay more than the average cost (it’s hovering around US$5.70), you get another bunch of games for free.

I just bought 12 games for US$5.70. But you could buy seven of them for US$0.01 if you wanted. An added plus, you can chuck them into Steam.

I’m a happy person right now. Overall, the downloads are about 1.5GB I think. Though that was just a vague guess from having a look at the size of the first couple games. You might want to do this at the end of your billing cycle if you’re on a fixed bandwidth or top up your account first if you’re on prepay broadband.

Head over to humblebundle.com and check it out!


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