Who killed chivalry? I think I have an idea…

I saw a post on Facebook earlier today with a quote regarding chivalry. The quote got me thinking. Who did kill chivalry. Unfortunately, I don’t know where the quote is now – it was one of those reflective things on the side and I didn’t click into it.

So, who did kill chivalry? I would suggest feminists killed chivalry. The timing is about right and really, it makes sense. Think about it. If women are seen as unable to do half the things men do, they are seen as something that needs protecting. And if you look at chivalry, it’s not difficult to see it as a pseudo way of protecting women from those things they cannot protect themselves from.

So what happened? A group of women decided they wanted to be seen as strong and independent. That removed the veil that women are unable to look after themselves, and removed the reason men saw they had a moral duty to show chivalry.

Personally, I do open doors for women if I see an opportunity, not because I think women need protecting, but because it’s seen as a good thing to do still. But that’s the difference. It’s no longer a moral duty and now is just seen as a good thing to do.

But seriously, women who say “I’m a strong, independent woman” and then say “where have all the good men gone” or “who killed chivalry?” need to look at themselves, because they really are showing double standards here… Having both – it’s really not going to happen.


2 comments on “Who killed chivalry? I think I have an idea…

  1. The promotion of double standards is a foundational concept of feminism.

    • I don’t disagree… I am not a fan of feminism, particularly now. It’s gone from “we’re not being treated equally” to “we’re not being treated superior, even though we are”. Modern feminism is a double standard if you compare it with traditional feminism.

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