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So stoked this week is over + ridiculous Harry Potter track

I do love not having classes on Fridays. Particularly when it’s been one of those weeks where you’ve had to get up relatively early for classes and the likes, but not be able to sleep early to compensate because a whole bunch piled on top of me this week.

At least that’s over. I’ve managed to reduce my to do list to only four things and I am going up to Auckland this weekend. This is good because if I choose to sleep all day, I pretty much can, because there’s not people playing ridiculously loud music that makes things fall off my shelves from midday until just before 10pm. And sometimes it doesn’t end at that time.

Not that I’m complaining about life at the halls. I’m hardly ever here, so it’s difficult to complain. Most days I leave no later than 10am and get back no earlier than 7pm. When I have really bad days, I leave at 7am and get back about 10pm. That’s mostly because I prefer to stay in the main part of campus when I still have classes. That way I don’t fall asleep and miss those classes.

Anyway, I think you should have an end of the week mind blowing. I found this track (including free download link on the YouTube video description. It actually blew my mind. Then I played it on the radio and I had a couple people tell me it blew their minds too. So, have a mindblowing, ridiculously awesome mix of the Harry Potter theme.


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