Hamil-town tonight

So, a bit of a preview of what’s going on in town on this fine Thursday night.

Static seems to have lost it’s Facebook page (or at least I can’t find where it’s gone), so I can’t see what’s going on there tonight. However, there is always something good on at Static, and it’s usually free entry, unlike some bars **gives dirty eyes to John Lawrenson’s bars cause he’s an arse**. Definitely worth checking out Static tonight, even if it’s just a CD playing, it’s always good music, and they are pretty good in terms of drink prices.

Doesn’t look like there’s anything special on at Agenda tonight. But that’s no reason to stay away. They can play some really good music sometimes. So head over there and check it out. If there’s nothing on, it will be free entry, so why not? Go stamp hunting 😉

Altitude has Six60 and Massive playing tonight. Looks like there are still tickets available, but I can’t be sure. Tickets were selling online for $32, but I’d expect them to be higher if they are doing door sales. Should be an awesome gig, but it’s one of the more expensive shows on tonight. I won’t be there for that reason 🙂

Nothing on at Cubbyhole tonight as far as I can see. But they always have amazing cocktails that are worth going in for. You will need to avoid the cougars, but if you can avoid them it is definite worth it!

And finally (I’m not going into Outback, Bar 101 or any shitholes like that) Flow Bar tonight, Medicate comes at you with Selecta Cam from Auckland, as well as Dyon, Leith, Hemisphere, Breadman and Kaon. $2 on the door, first act on at 9pm.


And that’s Hamilton tonight. Have fun!


2 comments on “Hamil-town tonight

  1. whats wrong with outback and bar101? I’ve had many good nights at both

    • They play the same top 20 bullshit hits all night, except for the one time I heard Rammstein coming out of Outback. It’s not real music.

      Thanks for the comment, Michael, I mean Harry….

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