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When it’s made clear that fate (or the devil?) is tempting you to buying…. BOOKS!

Over the past couple weeks, I have become a REALLY bad book nerd. Over the past five years, I’ve read two books max a year other than set texts. In the past two months, I’ve read four already.

Tonight, I finished another book. This left me with only one book left in my pile of books to read – certainly not on my list of things to read, but definitely in my pile. In fact, you can head over to my Shelfari page to see what books are on my list of things to read. Anyway, so I went over to Book Depository. I started looking through my list on Shelfari to see what I want to buy next. When I decided that I wanted to buy the first book in two different series (that way if I don’t like one of them, I can continue to the next series without even buying the next book, and I prefer to own things than to get it out of a library. I like having assets.) I also decided to get a book that had been suggested in a law lecture. It seemed like quite a short book and reading the description, it looked quite good. I was, at this point, still undecided if I would buy them. There were three things that pushed me to buying.

Firstly, I noticed a promotion on the Book Depository website. All I had to do is fill out one person’s name and email address, and I (and them for that matter) would be sent a 10% discount voucher. So, having a 10% discount voucher makes me want to buy books.

Secondly, I saw that one of the books I was buying was 50p cheaper on BookDepository.com rather than BookDepository.co.uk.

Thirdly, while I was browsing for other books, they dropped the price of one of the books by just over a quid. I went into my shopping cart to see how much I was paying for one of them, and a message came up saying that there was an error. The error message was something like “One or more of your purchases have had a change in price since you added them to your shopping cart. As such the prices have been amended.”

Three ways to save money on my purchase was three reasons for me to buy. Fate was tempting me. Or maybe the devil. Books are probably not the worst thing the devil could tempt me with. Sex, drugs and rock and roll would not only be worse, but would also probably be a lot more fun. Just saying.

Oh, and the three books I bought were:

  1. Lament by Maggie Stiefvater (Book Depository link)
  2. The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law by Albie Sachs (Book Depository link)
  3. Nightshade by Andrea Cremer (Book Depository link)

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