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I really don’t understand…

Yesterday, I made a facetious comment on Facebook after my post on Politicalisation about John Minto and his latest scheme of stupidity. After that comment, I’m apparently “disgusting” and I don’t understand “bad taste”. And by saying they are wrong about that, I’m “descending into apologetics”.

A friend, who shall remain nameless, said:

 just ignore him yourself . or enlist in the police so you can crack his skull with a riot baton come world cup time ;p

I responded, saying:

Oh but he is fun to write about. He’s a douche so he makes for perfect blogging xD

I must say, I am tempted with the latter suggestion though… Smacking him in the head would be quite the thrill

Seriously, do you have to end every comment you make that isn’t serious, no matter how obvious it is that the comment is not serious, with “lol” or “trololol” or “just kidding” or something like that? Every time you don’t, are people going to jump on the bandwagon and get abusive? Seriously, they’re calling me pathetic, which they are… Irony much?


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