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My complaint to the Waikato Regional Council

So, tonight was awesome. Awesome bands. Awesome people. And a couple (and I really only mean two) awesome drinks. But there is one thing that wasn’t so cool. Late buses.

I was not that annoyed when it was 15 minutes late and that’s still a long time. However, it was 28 minutes late departing. So I’ve sent an email to the Waikato Regional Council so they can pretend they’re going to do something about it. Here’s what I said:


I would like to make a complaint regarding the lateness of a bus this evening.

I caught the University Night Rider bus from Victoria Street, outside Coyotes, to Gate 3b of the University of Waikato. This bus is supposed to depart Victoria Street at half past the hour. However, the bus I caught which was supposed to depart at 1:30am did not arrive until 1:56pm, departing two minutes later at 1:58pm.

Another patron made a comment to the driver when getting on the bus, saying “You’re a bit late, aren’t you?”. The driver replied “Nah, only about five minutes.” This was clearly not correct, given the driver left 28 minutes later than he should have.

During the route, there was not extraordinary traffic, nor any speed restrictions due to roadworks. Having caught the same bus to and from the same stops reversed earlier in the evening, I can say with the relatively strong confidence that there was no issues in the route going from the University to the CBD.

I understand that public transport will not always be on time, and that incidents happen on routes, however 28 minutes, with no warning that there was an issue and a driver that was almost arrogant about the situation is not acceptable. There was a bus for another route that turned up about the time the University bus should have arrived. Would it not have been possible for the driver of that bus to let patrons know that this bus was running late? Would that not have been the courteous thing for Go Bus or Waikato Regional Council to do?

I look forward to your reply.


Daniel Farrell

I know most people born after 1985 will probably think I’m being a tool because there wasn’t a life-or-death situation. However, the fact remains that I paid for a service that I was not happy with. Also, if they want people to use public transport more often, they can’t have it almost half an hour late. It’s for their own good. Personally, I will use public transport where possibly, simply because it’s cheaper and people using public transport is the best way to promote using public transport. Empty buses and trains makes it look like they mustn’t be very good services if nobody uses them.

I will let you know if/when I hear back!


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