Amy Winehouse – RIP

I know I’ve made a few comments around the place about Amy Winehouse’s death, but I thought it might be appropriate to throw in a comment on here.

Amy Winehouse’s music isn’t exactly the sort of thing I would listen to on a regular basis. However, I can appreciate that she had more talent in her than you would generally find if you put ten random people together. She wasn’t just another commercialised bimbo that pumps out mass produced tracks. She actually had music with mean. She actually had music with a soul.

I’ve chucked in a YouTube video of the BBC Breaking News when it was first reported she had died, and a video of the track she did that probably annoyed me the most, Rehab. Also, a the BBC have quite a good video here¬†going over her rise to fame and her last month or so.


3 comments on “Amy Winehouse – RIP

  1. I will always remember her, and I don’t care for drugs and alcohol in her life, she was a great talent, she had amazing voice, it’s a biggest sadness for me..I will now wear t-shirt with her portrait, I downloaded her first albums yesterday (here ) and I will always listen her songs..RIP

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