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Bad end to a good day

Today was awesome right up to the last dash…  Then it because bad then heartbreak…

See, today was great. I spent a lot of time at Contact FM, which is awesome. Then there was a public debate run by the University of Waikato Debating Society. When we finished that it was about 6:30pm a few of us went to Burgerfuel. It was supposed to be the place next door but then that didn’t happen. Anyway, after that, I went to Countdown to pick up some stuff from there. I wait at the bus stop until 9:05pm, at which point I realise that last bus is supposed to leave before 9pm. So I start walking – usually takes about 45 minutes to walk from there. Then, about ten minutes into my walk..  The bus I wanted to catch goes past. I raged. But oh well – I ended up at Contact FM again (where I am now). So that’s cool.

Also, on another note regarding Contact FM – I am not going to pretend that I’m going to be doing the breakfast radio show anymore. It’s not fair to my zero listeners to say I will do something and not end up doing it. And 6:30 starts are not going to happen. Also, I can’t do it on Thursdays because I have class. And it would be weird to have it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.


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