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Book Depository: Will Amazon destroy them?

One of my favourite websites on the internet right now is BookDepository.co.uk, a online bookstore founded by Irishman Andrew Crawford. The site sells books for about £7. That’s about NZ$13. Book sell in New Zealand for about NZ$30+. As you can see, they are quite cheap. And, they also offer free shipping to over 100 countries, including New Zealand. However, Amazon has purchased Book Depository.

This worries me, because I don’t see Amazon continuing the one thing that keeps me going to Book Depository – free shipping. According to the Irish Times:

“Customers in more than 100 countries enjoy the Book Depository’s vast selection, convenient delivery and free shipping,” said Greg Greeley, Amazon’s vice-president of European retail, in the company’s statement on the acquisition. “The Book Depository is very focused on serving customers around the world, and we look forward to welcoming them to the Amazon family.”

Additionally, the same article says:

On Twitter, the Book Depository said the company would “continue to operate independently” following the deal.

Both of these things are comforting, but I fear that this won’t last for long. I like being able to get books for a good price. I’ve got three books from there this year alone. In fact, I just finished one about twenty minutes ago. Immediately, I went on the Book Depository and bought the next two books in the series. I just hope I have the chance to buy more books from them, and that Amazon doesn’t destroy them. Then again, Book Depository made profits of  £2.3 million last year. If they keep that up, Amazon will hopefully not mess with it.


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