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When good days go bad…

So, today was an awesome day. It really was. Slept in, which is a luxury that is going to be scarce when I start doing the breakfast radio show again (which starts Monday, 6:30-8:30am, Contact 88.1 FM and contactfm.co.nz). So, that was awesome. Then I went over to Contact FM to record some ads, which didn’t end up happening for a few reasons. We ended up watching the documentary The Hollow Men, which was quite interesting, while eating Doritos.

Then I came home, getting some dinner on the way through. Checked my emails, saw some stuff from Twitter, realised that I missed TronTweetUp (again), did some assignment, had a snooze then went back to assignments. Still going pretty cool.

That was until I got a text from a mate asking what I was up to. I assume if I said nothing much he was going to suggest I went into town with him. I said that I was doing my Contracts assignment (which I thought was due on Monday). He told me it was due today at 3pm. I told him I thought it was due on Monday. He told me that I was wrong, and that it’s the Jurisprudence assignment that’s due on Monday. I checked online, and almost cried (not really, but you know what I mean).

It’s not so bad. I’ll get it done before 3pm tomorrow easily, and it’s only 2.5% penalty per day. Not sure if I’ll get Juris done in time, given I haven’t looked at the questions yet.

Oh, and add to that the fact I decided it would be a good idea to have a vokda shot when I realised my mistake. Clearly, it wasn’t. This has gone straight to my head, and I am feeling a little tipsy. On one vodka shot. I guess I have barely eaten today, but that doesn’t really matter… One shot? This is not good… Maybe I should grab my bottle of tequila and see if that makes me feel less tipsy.

Please note I am not going to actually try that. I may have a tequila shot (though probably not), but not to feel less tipsy. That would just be silly.


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