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Today will be a pain in the backside

A civil defence emergency was an interesting way to start today. And really, as great as today is going to be, it really is going to be a pain in the backside.

12:30pm I’m going to a lunch with Prime Minister John Key. The awkward thing is, I was told it was a fundraiser, so I expected the money to be going to some charity. Apparently not. The money is going to the National Party’s Hamilton East and Hamilton West electorates’ election campaign… Not cool, given I don’t want to fund any political party.

That finishes at 2:30pm, at which point I need to get back to the University as quickly as possible, because in less than an hour I have an interview with the Prime Minister. I probably will leave the lunch at about 2pm, or as soon after that as possible if there’s a natural point for me to leave.

As much as I’m having a bitch about paying money to the National Party for today’s lunch, it should be a good chance to network. We’ll soon see.

Oh, there’s also the small matter of a couple assignments I need to finish…


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