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Subjects difficult to approach

You know those subjects that are difficult to approach? Yeah, the ones that you really want to bring up with someone, but don’t want to start something. Yep, gotta hate them there situations.

Well, I’ve got one at the moment. There’s an organisation that I’ve been involved with (I like how there’s a whole heap of organisations I’ve been involved with, so this doesn’t give it away at all) that is moving away from what I thought they were started for. I don’t like the path they’re going down. It’s not so much impacting me, but I don’t want to see them go down the complete wrong path and end up in a tight situation. I can see it coming, but I would feel awkward mentioning it, given I’ve been somewhat distant recently – partly because of this, and partly because I have been a bit too busy. It’s sort of not cool…


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