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Time to get a bit honest: Why I was freaking out about exam results

So, I wrote here about how I was stressing about exam results, so I thought I should probably explain that. Freaking out about exam results is not something I usually do, because I don’t see the point. To be honest, I wasn’t freaking about the results. It was more wanting to sort of punch myself in the face.

See, we went into study week, and I was in Auckland for the Monday. Then I went back to Hamilton on the Tuesday. Wednesday I decided it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit of a break. It felt really good to have a break, so I didn’t do anything on Thursday. Or Friday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday. Or Monday. Then I had my Economics exam on Tuesday. Then I waited for a week. I had a half hour look at Finance on the second Tuesday of exams. Then I had Finance on Wednesday. I spent Thursday trying to sort out some issues that came up in the Finance  exam, as I was a student rep for the paper. Then I had my final exam on Sunday. So for three exams, I did a half hour of study for one, and no study for the others.

I think the thing I’ve realised is I shouldn’t have a break until EVERYTHING is done. Otherwise I will stay on that break for longer than I should. At least I’ve realised that, I guess…


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