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Sympathy for Christchurch quickly disappearing… (and has Auckland fixed Christchurch?)

Last night (well really two nights ago, given it’s past midnight, but let’s forget that for a second) there was a magnitude 2.9 earthquake just off the Auckland suburb of Mission Bay. Personally, I didn’t feel it, but a lot of Aucklanders did. From what I’ve seen, there have been two main reactions, either that there’s a new volcano about to come up, or alternatively, that Auckland is about to be hit like Christchurch was.

What I don’t like is the reaction of the people from Christchurch. Those fears are highly legitimate, yet the people of Christchurch have said that Aucklanders need to “harden up”. I wonder what the reaction of people from Christchurch would have been before September last year if they had a 2.9 earthquake. That reaction, in my opinion, would be the same as Auckland’s reaction to last night.

If every time somewhere has a smaller earthquake that gets people worried, the people of Christchurch have the Chopper Reid “Harden the fuck up” attitude, I will very quickly lose my patience with them, personally. And I do know I’m not the only one.

The other thing I would like to point out is that the last earthquake in New Zealand was Auckland’s quake. It has been over 35 hours since Christchurch had a quake. Did Auckland’s 2.9 push everything back into the right place in Christchurch? It seems to me that this is a possibility. I have sent a message off to Geonet on Twitter asking if Auckland’s quake was actually the last one. We’ll soon see if that’s right. I will post their reply when I get it.


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