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Google+: What it needs to be a winner

So, I’ve used Google+ for the good part of a day, and I’ve decided I do quite like it. However there are a number of things it is clearly missing. It’s not surprising, given the site has only been up since yesterday, however, I wanted to do a blog post of things I feel Google+ needs to be successful.

1. Facebook Integration

This one isn’t exactly crucial, and I know there is a Google Chrome extension already that allows you to post your Google+ posts to Facebook and Twitter, but it would be nice if it was built in, and if there was some extras. Also, I mean two-way integration. If I post something on Facebook, I want to be able to set that to appear on my Google+ account, and if I post something on Google+, I want to be able to set that to appear on Facebook.

2. Better Google Buzz Integration

Google Buzz seemed like it was supposed to compete with Twitter. However, there’s no easy way in order to just send a buzz. I know this is more an issue with  Google Buzz than Google+, but it could be so much better used. Anyway, Google Buzz could be better used by allowing posts on Google Buzz to become posts on Google+ and vice versa.

3. Better Twitter Integration

The way Facebook Pages integrates with Twitter is good. When you post something on a Facebook page, if you’ve set it up, it will post that on Twitter for you, and if it’s too long, it’ll post a fb.me link to the full post. That’s good. Google+ should have that. There’s sort of a link from Twitter to Google+ because you can link Twitter to Buzz, and your Buzz is on your Google+ profile.

4. Profile Usernames

Because I set up my Google Profiles page, if you go to http://profiles.google.com/danielfarrellnzl, you’ll get directed to my Google+ page. But anyone who hadn’t set that up has no opportunity to do so right now. What you need is something like http://plus.google.com/username, like Facebook has. That would work well.

5. Two-way Google Service Integration

Right now, Google is integrating Google+ will most of their services by having the notification and share box on the new topbar on all Google services if you’re logged in. I think there should be more integration within Google+ too. For example, you should be able to see your unread Gmail messages on a sidebar on your home feed. Things like this would mean people only need to have Google+ open, and would save people time, and in business, time is money. That sounds irrelevant, but really it’s not. If Google can get businesses to use Google+, then their customers will come to Google+ too. And if businesses will increase productivity using Google+, then they will come to Google+.


That’s just my thoughts on it. If you have any thoughts on what Google+ needs, feel free to leave your comments below. I’d be interested to see what you think.


One comment on “Google+: What it needs to be a winner

  1. Oh, two things. When I said “I’ve been using it for the best part of a day”, that’s because I started writing this on the day I got Google+. But it was still true when I posted it, because I didn’t go on the internet on Friday at all, and I posted this not long into Saturday.

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