Google+ – the next Google Wave?

I’ve just got Google+, Google’s new social network. I am one of the first with Google+, like I was with Google Wave when it first came out. And I seem to be having a similar feeling about it. Nice, but unnecessary.

I am not at all making a final decision on Google+ right now. It was only released yesterday, so most of the features they are planning won’t be there yet. There’s also the fact I only have two people on there, so the lack of people makes for almost an anti-social network. But I’m feeling the same way about Google+ as I did about Google Wave when it came out. It didn’t seem like something I was going to use. And sure enough, I had a play for two weeks, and didn’t use it again. Then Google announced they were ditching the project.

Having said that, I felt similarly about Twitter. When I first got Twitter, I thought it was weird and pointless. Now I frequently use Twitter.

Oh, if anyone wants an invite to Google+, leave a comment below. I’ll be able to see the email address you put in, and I’ll send you an invite.


2 comments on “Google+ – the next Google Wave?

  1. It looks a lot more promising than Wave, but who knows whether it will take off. We’ll have to wait and see..

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