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Semester A

Semester A is over. And I am really quite stoked, to be honest. If you were to ask how I survived this semester, I wouldn’t answer. And not because I’m being a dick to you, but because I really don’t know.

It was a really bad decision to take seven papers this semester. Okay, so four of them are full year papers so I didn’t have exams, but the internal assessment for the papers are still about the same per semester as a semester long paper. Which means I am doing a semesters work for those papers right up until study week.

Originally, I was going to be doing eight this semester. I got a call from the Law School in January saying I wasn’t permitted to do that level of work, and suggested I drop at least two papers from Semester A. I went back and requested permission for a course involving seven papers. That was a bad idea. I should definitely have listened to the Law School when they suggested it was a bad idea.

We will soon see if it has made an effect on my grades. To be honest, I don’t really mind if it has to the point of getting Cs. I can handle a low pass. However, if it means I have failed papers, I will quite possible lose it a bit.

Outside of university work though, Semester A has been really good. My radio stuff with Contact FM has been amazing, getting interviews with Russell Norman and Phil Goff for my political show, and securing an interview with Don Brash (this had to be postponed, so I’ll hear at some point when that will be). I also did some awesome music interviews with Liam Finn, Beastwars and Minuit, just to name a few. It’s been a really good few months for interviews. There’s also another huge interview that’s happening during the first week of July (as in the first full week) that I can’t announce yet. I have to go back to Hamilton slightly early for that one.

Haven’t really had too much time for debating this semester, which was a bit uncool. I’m still running the DebSoc website, but there hasn’t really been a lot of use for the site. I set up all executive members with access to an email address and access to post on the website. No one has logged into the website, and only one person has logged into their email. I did have a comment from that one exec member that they have found it really useful having the DebSoc email, but it seems they are the only person who thinks so. It’s strange, because I had a very positive response when I first suggested the idea of running this stuff. I haven’t decided if I apply to keep the webmaster position in 2012. As much as I haven’t had to do much for it, it could easily become quite the job, particularly given how difficult it is to keep the website running, as the server we’re using is quite unreliable.

Another area I am getting further involved with is Model UN. We had Auckland UNIMUN in May, which was an amazing event, and as usual I met some amazing people (and met up with amazing people I’d already met). I am also, hopefully, going to be Waikato Rep for UN Youth Auckland. That will be decided in the next few weeks – it needs to go to the National Executive. Originally, it was supposed to be voted on at the Auckland AGM, but it was decided they would hold an SGM at a time when more people from the Waikato area would be there. But apparantly, I was the only person who reapplied. So instead of holding the SGM, they decided to make it an appointment. But to be appointed a position, the National Exec needs to okay it. I really do hope they okay this. I have got a really strong vision of how I want Model UN to be in Hamilton, and over time the entire Waikato.

So, that’s pretty much hope my Semester A went. Priority one, university, didn’t go the best, but everything else is going really well. Hopefully we can keep everything else going well and get university up to a good in the next semester.


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