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Narrowband no more!

My parents would have been one of the first households in New Zealand to get on the internet, back in 1998. Not long after that, they tried satellite internet, but it didn’t really work because of being in a bit of a valley. I don’t actually believe that – I think the technician didn’t install it properly, but that was the excuse given. So after that, they went back to dial up internet. They have been on dial up internet, ignoring the short time on satellite, for 13 years. But, that has now changed!

Finally, I’ve persuaded my parents that a good deal was actually good, and they have moved on to broadband internet. It was connected on Friday, and after a bit of a problem with the modem, it is all sorted out. Then yesterday, I installed the wireless modem they bought (Orcon, their ISP, supplied a single port modem, but they have got a really good deal on a wireless modem). It feels good to actually be able to stay in touch with people when I come up to Auckland! I’ve been trying to persuade them for about five years, but finally it’s happned. And they seem happy with it, which my Mum insisted she wouldn’t be. She said it wouldn’t make enough of a difference to make it worthwhile. Words that seem to have been eaten.


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