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St Patrick’s College: Irrationally Homophobic?

Saint Patrick’s College in Wellington has a policy that effectively bans a gay couple to go to the ball together. This has caused a slight uproar. Check out http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1106/S00175/st-patricks-colleges-homophobic-ball-policy.htm for one press release on this by a group called Queer the Night Collective. Somewhat frightening name for a group, but that’s okay.

Surely, though one going to a school such as this would expect this sort of response. Check this out – http://www.catholic.com/library/Homosexuality.asp. The Catholic Church is against homosexuality, and therefore homosexual partners surely wouldn’t be accepted at a Catholic School in any sense, whether it be taking someone’s partner to the school ball, or whether it be walking to their next class holding hands. It surely is something that should be expected. I would suggest the student’s parents were not aware of their homosexual tendencies, or were intentionally sending them to the wrong school if they were aware. Regardless, probably not the best school for a homosexual student to be sent.

I am in no way saying that people in homosexual relationships should not be given the same rights as those in heterosexual relationships. I am just saying that the response received should have been expected.


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