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Winning by 35 points: Why NZ will lose the World Cup

So this week it has come out that the NZRU has said under 13s can only win by 35 points. So for example if the actual score is 100-0 at the end of the game, the recorded score is 35-0. This really does disturb me. Can someone please explain to me how this is the way for New Zealand to progress in the sporting world?

This is the problem with New Zealand. We want to win without having any losers in the process. Even economic theory laughs at that. Let’s be honest, political correctness is going to be the end of competitiveness in this country – both in sport and in business.

How do these rugby players get better? Humiliation can be a powerful motivator. Acceptance of failure leads to nothing but failure, and that’s what will happen. As I’m supporting England at the World Cup, I am quite looking forward to that.

But what really frightens me is the result for business in the future. What will these kids expect when they get into business? That no matter what, they will win. And the rest of the world will destroy us. New Zealand will be third world by 2030 at this rate.


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