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Thoughts on TVNZ (in particular, @TVNZNews)

Some of my Twitter followers may have noticed I am sometimes critical of TVNZ. Their news service is often not up to standard, but then again, that’s pretty much what we have in New Zealand. Though, TVNZ 7 is the one channel I am in huge support for.

So, I was just thinking about TVNZ, and in particular their news service. After thinking about how useless they are, I came across a YouTube video that had some of TVNZ’s coverage of the earthquake in February. It was at that point I remembered the huge amount of respect I gained for TVNZ News. There were a number of people who complained about the fact TV One became almost a 24/7 news channel for a number of weeks after February 22nd, but I actually could not complain about that. When something major happens, particularly when it’s in our own country, we need to be able to have something like this. Personally, I would like to see a free-to-air 24/7 news channel anyway, but even if we had that, in a situation like the Christchurch Earthquake, TV One should turn to coverage of that. It’s the benefit of having state run media – they are not there to make a profit, they are there to do the job of the media, and if they have to stop playing ads for a few weeks while they run 24/7 news coverage when something goes wrong, they can. And that is good.

So, TVNZ News, you guys are pretty terrible at being journalists. Your stories are often one sided, and you do some things that make me cringe. But, when it comes down to it, you seem to do the right thing when you need to. So, all-in-all, you’re alright by me.


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