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Dear Rapture Theorists

So, the world ended about three hours ago. Cool. Seriously, do you really think you seem normal by going around saying the world’s going to end? Look at the guy who predicted the world to end today – he said that it was going to end in 1994 too. And then the world’s also going to end December next year.

How can the world end 500 times? Stop predicting the end, and start living your life. Surely you would be better off living every day, rather than spending days on end doing mathematical calculations trying to figure out the date of the Rapture. If you’re right and the world is ending in a week or whatever, surely it must feel like shit to know you’ve wasted all that time, when you could have been doing something worthwhile.

Lots of love,



One comment on “Dear Rapture Theorists

  1. I doubt they bothered doing any real math or whatever. He read some books and talked to equally fucked up friends.

    And acid.
    Lots of acid.

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