Why I think @NZNationalParty will not win the 2011 election (not saying it's a good thing)

I am not saying that a Labour government is a good thing. I actually think it’s the last thing we need right now. I feel a Labour government will certainly push us to a double-dip recession, while right now we are right on the edge. But regardless, I feel that Phil Goff will be New Zealand Prime Minister after November 26th, and it’s mostly because of the election date.

Firstly, the election date being announced so far away means that the National doesn’t have the benefit of knowing the election won’t be in three weeks time. This is something that always happens, and it’s almost as if @johnkeypm is being so arrogant that he thinks nothing can go wrong in the next ten months. While I wouldn’t be putting Party Vote National this year because of the bad decisions that have been made in the past three years, but if I was considering it, the perceived arrogance of this would most likely make me choose another party.

Secondly, I have no doubt that the Rugby World Cup is going to be a logistical disaster. Auckland’s roading system is being fixed up now, but is not due for completion until AFTER the world cup. These things needed to occur years ago if we were to be ready for the world cup. Auckland Transport is currently working on integrated ticketing for public transport, but as far as I can tell from the Press Releases, they will only have this on rail. How is that integrated ticketing, considering there is only the one company that runs the trains? We needed an integrated ticketing system years ago, but we need one that means I can catch a bus to Britomart, a train to Sylvia Park, another train back, catch the ferry to Devonport, then a bus back home, all with the one system. That isn’t what we are getting yet. It might change. I hope it does. But it won’t be before the World Cup, I don’t feel. The government has had three years to prepare the infrastructure. And they haven’t. The knives will come out.

Then there’s the fact I have the unpopular opinion that New Zealand will lose the World Cup. This is why I am supporting England, and not the All Blacks. When NZ loses the World Cup, because New Zealanders are strangely obsessive about their rugby, they will take it out on anyone. The ref will be the first person. And then, it will get to election day. The only person they can blame there is the incumbent. It may be that the country is over it by then. But look at 2003 – they were still  going on about that loss when the next World Cup came up in 2007.

Don’t get me wrong – I would prefer John Key as PM over Phil Goff, but only because he is the better of two bad choices.


2 comments on “Why I think @NZNationalParty will not win the 2011 election (not saying it's a good thing)

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