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@BDO_Official Auckland 2011 – @Steriogram, @Kids_of_88, @TheEarlybirds, CSS

I feel the Big Day Out has been unfair to Steriogram. It is well known that the better the band, the later they play. That’s why headlining bands play at the end of the day. So to put Steriogram on as the first act was a huge punch in the face to an amazing NZ band. At 11:30, most people are still trying to get through the gates. However, I was there, so I managed to see Steriogram play. And, of course, they were amazing. As a NZ band that is quite popular overseas, Steriogram deserved a lot more respect from BDO organisers than they got.

Next up, I checked out Kids of 88 in the Boiler Room. Now, I am quite a fan of these guys, but this was pretty bad… They were out of tune and really not what I would have hoped. On the bright side, they did have amazing stage presence. But it wasn’t too nice to my ears. I did find this a shame, because I do like these guys…

The Earlybirds was a band I had little choice in seeing. Clearly I had to go, having gone to the same High School as Filip Kostovich, their lead singer. While that makes it seem like a chore, it really wasn’t. I love the music of these guys so I was stoked to see them live again. They did not disappoint. If it wasn’t for the noise of people around, you could have been forgiven for thinking you were at home listening to a CD.

It was then the turn of CSS, who, as expected made Music my hot hot sex for my ears (ha! See what I did there?). It included their song Music is my Hot Hot Sex, made famous by iPod comercials, but it really made great aural intercourse.

This brings us to the end of part 2. Have a read of Part 3. Do eht!


One comment on “@BDO_Official Auckland 2011 – @Steriogram, @Kids_of_88, @TheEarlybirds, CSS

  1. Note, I decided not to go with Part 3. This is part 2/2.

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