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@BDO_Official Auckland 2011 Review – The Event

The 2011 Big Day Out was supposedly the first one that was Smokefree. I say supposedly because that’s not how it went. I have no problem with people smoking – I never would but whatever. I don’t even care that much if people smoke weed (and there was enough of that going on, particularly in the Boiler Room). I do, however, care when something is promoted as smokefree then they don’t police it. I saw people lighting up in front of event security. If you don’t want to police a smokefree policy, don’t have one.

The only other negative I could find would be the 50 or so media persons who couldn’t get into the immortals lounge due to it be overcapacity. While that didn’t matter much to me, you’re asking for bad reviews if you do that.

Other that, it was a very well run event. I feel the rain added to the event, because it reduced the chance of having people pass out. And removing the sides to the Boiler Room was a great idea.

All and all, a great day!


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