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Why I'm excited about 2011 – Technology

So, I’m going to do a series of posts explaining why I’m really loving the idea of 2011. This is the starting point, and it’s all about technology.

1) Dual core Mobile Phones
Chipset manufacturers are moving towards mobile devices, and this means better technology. While some manufacturers are going with quad cores, which I find excessive, a dual core phone actually sounds quite good. I love my Android smartphone, but I would love it to have a faster processor.

2) Sony Ericcson Xperia Play
This has been rumoured for a while, originally referred to as the Playstation Phone. At first they said it won’t play PSP games, but now it looks like it will. As much as I won’t buy one, the idea of a phone for gamers excites me.

3) Windows 8
It might not be confirmed as coming out this year, but it’s still exciting me. However, I do feel it will be an amazing failure. Microsoft did really well with Windows XP. It was the most stable desktop OS released to date. Then they released Windows Vista, which was unstable and overly showy. Then came Windows 7, which is amazing. I only recently rebuilt my laptop, which was running Vista, to Windows 7. It is faster and more reliable, without losing too much show from Vista.

The other reason is because there is an emphasis on Tablets from the Microsoft announcement at CES 2011. Look at Windows Phone 7. It’s a dud. The seventh code version of Windows was amazing on PC but rubbish for mobile. If they focus 8 on mobile, then PC will be a nightmare. Here comes the Microsoft Trainwreck!!! That’s why I’m excited.

4) Mobile Devices
The three things which excite me here all involve mobile technology. And that excites me too. As smartphones become more powerful, they start to minimise the constraints of location. That really excites me!


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