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Why I'm excited about 2011 – Politics

I like the prospect of politics in 2011. It’s all election related, obviously. So here we go…

1) The Election Date
Prime Minister John Key has all but confirmed the election will be late November or early December. I like this because it means we have a whole year of politics that actually means something. And it will make my radio show interesting too.

2) The poor quality of NZ Politicians
New Zealand has created some amazing politicians, from David Lange to Mike Moore, even Robert Muldoon to a degree. That era has well and truly finished, however. We don’t have any good politicians. Good orators, maybe. But that’s only one part of a good politician.

So, that makes this election The Race of the Misfits. And that excites me, because there will be plenty to laugh about, and plenty to report on Contact FM.

3) The Rugby World Cup
I know it seems this belongs with sport, but it really does fit here. New Zealand is crazy for rugby. It’s almost pathetic how much NZ loves rugby. And that basically means if NZ wins the world cup, John Key stays Prime Minister. If we don’t, it’s not so certain. So, I obviously believe that it will not be so certain. I’m supporting the mighty English Rose at the world cup.


One comment on “Why I'm excited about 2011 – Politics

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