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Dear People Who Walk Three Abreast Really Slowly

You guys REALLY annoy me. I want to get to where I’m going as quickly as possible. But when I get stuck behind you guys, you just slow me down. It’s like you are there just to cause me grief. Is there any particular reason why you need to take up an entire walkway if you need to walk that slowly? I’m not gonna lie, I understand walking that slowly. Sometimes, you just don’t want to walk at any sort of speed. And I’m cool with that. But you are being so damned arrogant when you force everyone else into it by taking up the entire place. It’s just wrong man. It’s wrong.

So, my challenge for you is to stop being a cock. Because that’s all you’re being. You’re being a cock. Be a normal person, and actually think about others. If you see someone coming, let them go through. Make sure there’s enough room for at least two people to come past, where pratical. That way, someone from either direction can come through without your arrogance impacting on them. You aren’t better than everyone else. So stop being a dick.

With kind regards,

Daniel Farrell.


One comment on “Dear People Who Walk Three Abreast Really Slowly

  1. Great info. Looking forward to your next one. Gretings from Canada, ~The Funny Shirt Guy~

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