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Dear Hayley Williams (@yelyahwilliams)

Okay, well I want to start this by saying, you are awesome. You are an amazing vocalist, and really, everything about you is great.

But I would mostly like to thank you for one particular song – though I do love all of them. That song is The Only Exception. Once I find my only exception, that song will have 100% truthfullness for my life. For reals. No jokes.

So anyway, I’m not going to take up more of your time. If you read this, that’s awesome. If you don’t, I’m not surprised.

Oh and see you at Vector Arena on October 8th! You made my life on March 4th, and you’re going to do it again next Friday.

Daniel Farrell
One of your biggest fans. (When she’s in the mood, I’m not as much of a fan as @delinquentcore. But she’s not always in the mood…)


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