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Dear University of Waikato Maintenance people

Students are simple creatures. They want to spend more time sleeping, more time drinking, and less time in class. And that includes less time going to and from class. Surely a university would be best off trying to take those goals and strive to make them possible.

So why has the University of Waikato refused to fix the north facing door to L Block? For months I have been greated, as I try and be a good student by actually going to class, with a sign saying “Please use another door.” This is just unacceptable. I have an 8am class in that block, and I find it unlikely that I would go to this class if I have to walk up past Bennetts Bookstore and round to the east facing door. I am tired of it, and so are all the other people who find using this door the most convieniant option.

So think about what you’re doing to your students. It means they have to leave five minutes earlier. And if they have to do that, a lot of them won’t turn up at all.

With Kind Regards,

Daniel Farrell


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