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Talk to the Techxperts from @DickSmithNZ (they really don't know their stuff)

Today, I went into a @DickSmithNZ store in Hamilton. I approached an attendant and said “I am looking for a male to male VGA cord. The shortest ones you have. Where would I get one of these?”. His response was to give me a blank look and say “Huh?”. So I slowly said “VGA cord. Male to male. Do you have them?”. He replied “I think you’re calling it the wrong thing, because I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I told him that I was going to look around and see if I can find it myself. I then found exactly what I was looking for. On the box, it says “Dick Smith VGA Cable 2m”. I went back up to the attendant, and told him that I had found it, showed him the box and said “This is a VGA cable. They’re over there. Just so you know if anyone asks again.” His response was to look at me and say “Well do you really expect me to know everything about everything in this store?”

I didn’t say this to the attendant, but yes, I do. You call yourself a “Techxpert” and assuming that this means the connotation of tech and expert, you should most definitely know about everything in the store. And if not everything, at least the very basics, like a VGA Cable. I think maybe @DickSmithNZ should invest a bit in training their staff. Because right now, they are lacking, as they have for years.


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