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Die! Die! Die! (@diediedieband) Gig Review

Band: Die! Die! Die! (@diediedieband)
Venue: Void 651 (Victoria Street, Hamilton) (www.void.org.nz)
Opening Acts: Milk Train, Dinosaur Goes Rawr!
Rating: 8/10

This was the first time I had been at Void, and I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the gig. It is an amazing venue – definitely one that I would try to play at if I was still in a band. We started with two really amazing bands playing some really great music. Then everyone packed out for some reason – about five minutes before Die! Die! Die! came on. But the band did come on, and they played an amazing set. I’m not exactly the most diehard Die! x3 fan, so I couldn’t tell you the set they played, but I couldn’t find fault in it. After the first song, Andrew Wilson (guitar) broke a string. While he was finding another guitar, we got to see the real skill of the band. The remaining three members played impromptu, which was really good. It shows the band has real skill. I was highly impressed. And that doesn’t happen often with me and live music.

The only thing I have against the whole experience was the weird guy who was walking around trying to shake as many people’s hands as possible – including the members of the bands, while they were playing….. So that’s why it’s an 8/10.


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