@Paramore NZ Tour 2010 (@coupdemain on Thursday for details!)

So, I am seriously looking forward to this… On Thursday, @coupdemain will be letting us all know what’s happening. Not sure if that’s the official announcement, or if they’re just passing on info, but either way, that’s where I’m getting my info from.

Using the October Australian tour, (see http://lifemusicmedia.com/?p=9342) and comparing it with the February/March Australian tour (see http://worldtourdates.info/paramore.html), I would say that we won’t get any more shows than last time – one in Auckland and one in Christchurch. Maybe not Christchurch, but somewhere else. The reason I say that is in February there were eight Australian shows, yet in October there will be five.

Having said that, there is half a month from when Paramore finish their Australian tour and when they start playing in the UK. This could mean we do see an extra show or two. If it were up to me, I’d say Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, or possibly Palmerston North instead of Wellington. Or maybe all four. It would be REALLY good to have in Hamilton, but I can’t really think of anywhere suitable…


2 comments on “@Paramore NZ Tour 2010 (@coupdemain on Thursday for details!)

  1. OMG I really wish I could meet Paramore… This would just make my life perfect…

    • Hey Dan Fan

      I completely agree. If only… @Paramore are just awesome.

      Also, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but you can use @Twitter @Anywhere in comments too. So if you add @ before a twitter username, it will make it link to the @Twitter account and make sure everyone knows exactly who you are talking about. You should try it out.

      Thanks for visiting!


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